So what do you think about the market this quarter in Manhattan real estate?

Best part about April 1st isn’t that its April Fools Day ,but for a numbers geek like me ,its being able to look back at all of your first quarter data-actual data,RIGHT up until that very last minute ,and thinking to yourself,how is the market doing ? Where is it going ? What do I need to do differently to adjust? What might my clients be thinking-how can I help them achieve their real estate goals.

People always ask someone in real estate “How’s the market?”,and the answer is that it depends-it really does depend on whether you are looking to sell,buy,invest or lease (in the coming weeks,I’ll have some blog posts for each scenario,and tips about how to evaluate what may or may not work best for you and your needs).

More often than not,in casual conversation I’m usually asked how’s the market because someone either wants to buy or sell-real estate is kind of like the baseball of NYC.EVERYONE is pretty much interested and almost everyone has an opinion (some very strongly have opinions,that may or may not be based on any actual concrete data).And of course,at the end of the quarter,and beginning of a new one-that means a slew of quarterly reports are upon us all….

And as it happens,I was in the middle of writing a blog post on this very thing,and then…I got an email at the office today,from a reporter at Inman News,working on a story wanting to know my thoughts on Q1,as a Manhattan real estate professional-before all the Q1 reports are released.I gave her my thoughts (which I will post here)-one of my favorite times after the end of a quarter is to discuss with clients,friends and colleagues,about the state of the market-and what we’ve seen,and what we think might occur.In the coming days I’ll have that discussion with my team,and with colleagues at the office. 

I’m going to take advantage of a lovely spring evening,enjoy a nice walk with my dog,and then I’ll finish up that blog post…post it ,and then after reports are out-will compare my opinions on the market with some of the data and offer my analysis.

’til the next time. Always at your service.

Posted via web from Nicole Beauchamp & Team ,Your NYC Real Estate Resource


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