Approaching DI tournament weekend !!!! #idodi

SUPER busy week,lots of fabulous things going on in NYC real estate,offers being made and accepted,working on getting through to next phases of deals-lots of moving parts in ANY real estate deal,it is OUR job to make sure things go as smoothly as humanly possible-and yes sometimes it takes ALOT of greasing .Lots of time with clients and smack in the middle of that,fufilling my continuing education obligations ,which I must do before renewing my license.

Had a super fabulous day at continuing ed Wednesday,decided to do my hours at REBNY,it was a day filled with value,from the instructors as well as from fellow colleagues.This is still one of the reasons I prefer to sit in a class room versus doing it online-the things I can learn from other real estate professionals,far exceed sitting in front of my computer-plus there’s the automatic bonding from enduring the class,and you usually make a new friend and hopefully down the line do some deals !

Also this week my fabulous Las Comadres de las Americas book club meets,and this month I get to lead the discussion on Rueben Martinez’ “Habia una vez : Cuentos Tradicionales Latino Americanos” / Once Upon a Time Traditional Latin American Tales . After which I hope to make it over to the Lincoln Center Atrium to catch some of the live music for Target Free Thursdays !…and then quick packing,taking some “time off” to give back…and we’re off to….(drum roll please !)

Binghamton…YES,that’s what I said…so here is why -this weekend is the state tournament for Destination Imagination in NY-so some awesome kids from NYS (and PA) will be presenting their solutions and from there,teams will be advanced to go to the Global Finals for DI over Memorial Day weekend in TN. I’m pretty excited-this is my second year volunteering as a challenge appraiser-but THIS year I got chosen to go appraise at Globals,and I’m very excited about getting to see the kids present their solutions there,as well as see solutions from all around the country and world ! (and in the near immediate future,I’m really looking forward to having Spiedies !!!!! )

And…as many of you know,we’re working on a website for the team,and I just saw the custom home page the great team at Agent Image has been working diligently on-and it is looking great !

Oh.and for those of you who are saying what in the heck is a spiedie : cubed meat,marinated overnight (or longer), grilled in a charcoal pit and served usually on an Italian sub roll or skewers with some fresh marinade over it. 

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