Another gorgeous spring weekend in the Big Apple is upon us…

Sometimes you come across a quote that just makes you yell out in
agreement… And this one is a keeper !

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambition. Small people
always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can
become great.”

— Mark Twain

There is tremendous value in recognizing when you need or want help,
in helping others- which camp do you fall into ? Are you a builder, or
are you a destroyer ?

We are builders, we are connectors. We aim to help you achieve your
real estate goals, we aim to help our fellow human beings.

From helping you find your dream home , to learning about causes you
are passionate about- maybe it’s youth literacy, or cancer research,
or … The list can be endless – reach out to us- reach out to your
communities .

I spent last weekend at state Destination Imagination tournament – and
it was a blast – very inspring to see team work, and innovation in
play. Well worth taking the time to travel upstate and volunteer.
Maybe this weekend, a bit of giving back closer to home, as well as
quality family time and of course some awesome properties with our
great clients…

And your weekend ? Share with us- we’d love to know!

Til the next time- always at your service.

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