Dogs and birds and trees ! Gorgeous day in Manhattan….

I am an unapologetic dog lover- this is Mr B, Bentley. We’ve spent most of the afternoon outdoors- thanks to the wonders of technology (as well as pen and paper), I kept chugging along with work ! Phone calls ,client prep, editing copy for our team website.

Everyone is out, its a perfect spring day, hear the birds chirping, kids in the playground,buzzing with activity. A great time to figure out where and how you want to live in NYC…..

Are you an animal lover ?Have a pet ? Cat or dog or? Fav dog parks? ( we love the small dog runs at Carl Schultz Park, Madison Square Park-ok who wouldn’t like a dog run near Shake Shack ???! ,and also the West Thames Dog Run down in Battery Park City.

Is pet-friendly housing an imperative for you ? Bentley and I will be glad to help you find your perfect home to buy or rent…and maybe some play dates for your dog too !

’til next time. *woof woof* Always at your service.

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