Feliz Cinco de Mayo !!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo !

Over dinner last night,my dear s/o and I were discussing how often many people don’t know the true significance of various holidays,for example Cinco de Mayo.He commented that on a recent business trip someone said it was about Mexican Independence.And he quickly answered,nope,because he knew that Mexican Independence day is actually September 16 !


So you might ask,why Cinco de Mayo ????

Briefly,the holiday of Cinco de Mayo (The 5th of May) commemorates the victory of the Mexican militias over the French army at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

Mexican Independence day,is September 16th,and they gained independence in 1821 from Spain-but as is often the case historically…periods immediately following independence can be VERY tumultous.Mexico became indebted to many nations,including Spain,England and France.When they stopped making loan payments to France,the French,eager to expand their empire decided to “call in the chips” to try to install leadership,and ultimately invaded-Span and England withdrew support realizing the invasion was imminent.

The Mexican militia compared to the French army,was outnumbered and ill-equipped BUT THEY WON!

Fast foward a few years…and how do we celebrate ? By embracing Mexican culture -enjoying food,music ,beverages and customs unique to Mexico.

How will YOU celebrate today ? Share your thoughts and pictures -would LOVE to see them !


Have a FABULOUS Wednesday.


’til the next time. Always at your service.

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