Skip Lunch-Fight Hunger-help feed those less fortunate on May 12

If you’ve seen the ads on TV lately,you probably know what I’m talking about,if you don’t here’s a quick note.

Skip Lunch Fight Hunger,a pretty simple concept-started in 2002 by a City Harvest  board member- donate what you’d normally spend on lunch to help fight hunger in New York City.

For more information on how to participate- check out the website : . (and check out the City Harvest website,a wonderful organization.)

But,I challenge you,find a way to help not just on May 12- unfortunately I come across people daily,who are asking for money,to buy food-I’m a big fan of buying them food,or taking left overs home from lunch/dinner and giving it to someone asking for any spare food or change to eat.

I know where my next meal comes from ,I know I have a place to call home-not everyone is so fortunate. 

Take a minute,be thankful ,and help others.

’til the next time. Always at your service.

Posted via web from Nicole Beauchamp Team @ Level Group Your NYC Real Estate Resource


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