Friends always assume I eat out a lot in NYC (which I do)

But sometimes a quick home cooked meal is where its at-and I love to cook (and especially bake…..) Today was another super busy real estate day,so much so I apparently forgot to eat lunch ! Showings, meetings, showings, seminars.,discussions ….

I debated kicking off the Belgian shoes and heading to yoga-but knew that would likely mean take out /eating out. So decided to stay in- tonight’s menu : spinach, ricotta, asiago,parm,mozz ravioli (store bought) with my homemade sauce, some sausage and fresh grated parmesean cheese. Total meal took about 30 mins to prepare/cook. I try to set up meals in advance so on nights like this I can cook. It takes about three hours for me to make my sauce- but I make enough to freeze for future use. I also enjoy convenience purchases so I can easily throw things together….

A glass of wine , Carmina Burana- and catching up on client emails and messages….maybe some reading- a few books in progress ….

How do you unwind after a hectic day ?

Til next time. Always at your service.
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