Midtown Manhattan Monday Maltese Madness !

Yesterday felt like Maltese Monday. Of course for me everyday is Maltese day ,with my adorable dog Bentley (yes , I might be biased).

A quick detour in the evening and making time for a nice early dinner out.

Travelled down from the office to Midtown, to Salon Amici on 50th street- was nice to catch up- with the owner as well as my S/O finally got his haircut. (the owner and the staff are great, and as it turns out she’s been at her location for just over four years, he started going there regularly just after she opened- they do wonderful work for men and women-a great salon ! )

My second Maltese of the day, a cute lil puppy of only seven weeks ! 🙂 Brought back memories ,of my first days w/Mr B.

Cut done, dinner time ! So we mused , Pescatore or Lasagna. So then we mosied across the street to one of our favorite go to restaurants- Lasagna Ristorante – over the years, never a bad meal- HUGE portions when you’re ordering lasagna, but boy is it worth it. Last night I tried the crab meat lasagna w/ light cream sauce delish ! (they recently renovated, we love the new look, and still love the food, and try to enjoy it often – if you’re in the area and haven’t been, go ! And if you’re not , you should make a trip too !)

And then K realised he forgot my See’s Lollipops from his last west coast trip, (I’m a bit more perceptive and noticed the minute I walked into the salon they weren’t in his briefcase !) so we went downtown to his office to pick them up (my one condition, I forgot to eat dessert, so why not go to Ferrara for a cannoli ? 🙂 its quite literally a hop skip and jump from his office ).

Off we went to the subway, and you guessed it, heading downtown, we saw not one but two Maltese dogs, same subway car !

Get off the subway walking towards Grand Street and another Maltese.,pick up the lollipops and then his phone rang ! Usually I’m the one still working at a computer after 9p !

And then off we went on the quest for dessert ! Acquired, and off we go home , and finally, as Bentley would say, to the Maltese who matters most to us 🙂 (home before the 11p news !)

One of the best parts about living and working in Manhattan, no matter where you are, easy to get around and criss cross multiple neighborhoods in one day, and make any night a fun night in the city !

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