Fall Freshen Up-Declutter ,reorganize and refresh your home !

There was an article a few weeks ago in AM New York about hoarding. You may have seen the popular A&E show  “Hoarders”… According to the experts quoted in that article NYC is a perfect breeding ground for this, with our seemingly never ending possibilities for amassing new belongings while simultaneously very often never having enough space for that which we already own.
So often, we move from one apartment to the next,simply toting along our belongings, perhaps putting ex ess into storage -whether it’s storage we buy along with our apartments or rent in an outside facility,

This fall ,at our house we decided to challenge ourselves to declutter. I am following my own advice-we’re always telling our clients to clear up clutter,and organize as well help them to present their properties in the best light. So if you are thinking of selling (or sublet g) your apartment it’s a good idea for you too or heck even if you just want a change-you can do it yourself,you can bring in professional organizers too .

There are some items I thought I’d never want to get rid of,and have and then there are others  that I know I will not part with-chief amongst these : the piano I learned to play on- a unique crescent shaped upright – I have never seen another like it. It’s also on the list of refimishing projects,but…I digress

A few tips :

Plan out what you think may go and where its going to go ( you can donate books ,clothing etc)
You may have an abundance of furniture and afe not making the best use of your space. It’s amazing what changing or eliminating furniture can do for the feel of a room.
Paint ! Especially if you are considering selling- consider painting in neutral tones.

We started our fall freshen up project about a month ago- we have disposed of dressers,bookcases even “old” crt televisions,and replaced with new pieces or reconfigured or repurposed old ones. It’s certainly a work in progress,but already pleased with initial steps…

It has been amazing to discover either how much we’ve been storing over the decades, or to rediscover somewhat lost treasures. But now time moves forward,pretty quickly -before you know it the holiday season is upon us,and even before that, must get back into entertaining shape !


2 responses to “Fall Freshen Up-Declutter ,reorganize and refresh your home !

  1. Great tips – its true we do seem to accumalate things so its always good to declutter as often as possible.

    • The process continues ! Going thru bookcases and closets for more things to be donated. And it’s true,too often we simply transport our clutter without actually addressing it and eliminating unwanted items.

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