So- how far would you travel for….kitty litter ?

Yes, that seems like a random question and yes I have a reason for asking ……

I am not a cat lover per se , never had one, actually allergic. But I do have a dog (whom I adore…..)

That said, left my office ( at Warburg’s East Side Gallery ) around 715p or so. And I was somewhat avoiding my urge for a malt for Shake Shack. I was supposed to go to an event tonight-but tired and said I will pass.

M79 to 1st ave and decided on a mini excursion to East River Plaza-so I boarded a northbound sbs15. This plaza is home to Manhattan’s only Costco and Target. A bit of retail therapy I suppose …..

Sat next to a gentleman with a shopping cart . Target was my last stop (started at Coscto then top down). On my way out of Target (again my last stop- I checked out shoes and suits at Marshall’s etc….so it was at least an hour spent in the “plaza” before I got down to Target) and pass the same guy-who was buying kitty litter. That’s it. Just kitty litter…. Is kitty litter that expensive that its worth traveling miles (he was on the bus seemingly long before I was) on public transportation for it ? I’m genuinely curious-enlighten me….

Curious- you (cat lovers) tell me ….

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